Who is Adi Kedia?

Hey there! I see that you have found my little home on the internet. Welcome!

I Specialize in Robotics and Machine Learning. Currently an engineer at the Human Diagnosis Project, working on empowering anyone with the world’s collective medical insight. Before this I studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science at Duke University and The University of Illinois.

I often ask myself – how can we ensure the freedom of myriad choices for all human beings on Earth. You might have pondered similar questions in the past – “How can we eliminate poverty from the world?” Or “How can we feed/clothe/educate the billions of people who inhabit the Earth at this moment?” Over time, I have realized that personal freedom is, in fact, the real goal. Eradication of poverty, hunger, and illiteracy, access to the miracles of modern medicine etc. are merely rungs on the ladder that leads to this goal of personal freedom. Freedom is the ability to not worry about where your next meal will come from, or the ability to live without the fear of dying from a staph infection. The most promising answer to my question has only become obvious in the last two decades, in the exponential growth of digital technology, under the long shadow of Moore’s law. The massive reduction in the cost of information processing and transfer and reduction of intellectual and physical labor through software and software driven machinery is continuously allowing people to enjoy lifestyles and luxuries previously reserved for the ultra-wealthy. I aspire to contribute to this effort and work towards democratizing resources and improving the lifestyle of billions of people.

This website is a place for me to share my projects and insights, as well as my perspectives on Science, Technology, and their impact on Society.

I find myself humbled by the growth and learning opportunities brought my way, and hope that more people may have that experience. To that end, I want to work on building products, services, and experiences. If my passions and goals align with yours, let’s explore what we can build together.